Sweepstakes Information
Each year at the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational there are more than 100 races separated into five divisions and then seeded into races by the strength of each school in an effort to make every race competitive.

The very best teams are seeded into special “Sweepstakes” races which are run under the optimum racing conditions with special introductions, awards and recognition.

There is a Team Sweepstakes race and an Individual Sweepstakes race on each day.

The Sweepstakes races on Saturday are for schools in Division 1 and 2, and the Sweepstakes races on Friday are for the schools in Division 3, 4 and 5.

How To Get Into A Sweepstakes Race:
During the entry process teams must specifically request to have your team placed in a Sweepstakes Race when you register online. If you do not request to be placed in a Sweepstakes race, you will not be placed in the race.

Once the entry deadline has passed, and all the entries have been received, our Seeding Committee will determine which schools deserve placement in one of the Sweepstakes Races. If your team is not placed in a Sweepstakes race, it will be placed in a regular varsity race in your division.

Team Sweepstakes:
Team Sweepstakes races are for schools which have an outstanding team capable of placing a the state or CIF Southern Section Championships. Approximately 20-25 teams will be placed into a Team Sweepstakes Race.

Individual Sweepstakes:
Individual Sweepstakes races are for schools which have one or two outstanding runners (a top 10 individual in the state or CIF Southern Section), but may not be very strong as a team.

Teams that have been seeded into the individual sweepstakes races will not be broken up. The entire varsity team (up to 7) must run in this race. All teams in this race are in similar situations with a fast individual(s) and other runners of lesser abilities, therefore there will be a wide range of ability levels running in this race.

Typically, there are more teams entered in this race due to the fact that some schools, especially those from out of the region or state, consist of one or two runners.

Combined Divisions & Separate Awards:
There will now be a boys and girls Team Sweepstakes and Individual Sweepstakes race offered on both days. The Sweepstakes races for Divisions 1 and 2 will be on Friday, Divisions 3, 4 & 5 on Saturday.

Due to the changes the award structure has been updated and expanded. Even though divisions have been combined in the Sweepstakes Races, we will give separate team awards in each division.

INDIVIDUAL SWEEPSTAKES Medals for Top 30 runners Top 3 Teams (combined divisions) in each race will receive a team plaque and 7 medals
TEAM SWEEPSTAKES Medals for Top 30 runners Top 5 Teams in each DIVISION (per race) will receive a TEAM PLAQUE and seven MEDALS

When Do My Other Levels Race:
In an attempt to make participation in the Sweepstakes Races easier and less time consuming for teams accepted into these races, additional teams (FR, SO, JV, JV National, Varsity) entered from the same school will be entered into races directly prior or near the time frame of your Sweepstakes race.

Additional JV Entries For Sweepstakes Teams:
Schools accepted into a Sweepstakes race will be permitted to run an adiditional regular level JV Team in addition to their JV National Championship Team.


  • 17 JV runners maximum (any grade level)
  • Top seven will race in the JV National Championship race
  • Remaining 10 will race in a regular JV race

Schools that are not accepted into a sweepstakes race will only be allowed to run 10 runners (juniors and seniors) in a regular JV race.